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Tips & Tricks

Unlike steam-coated rhodium mirrors, it is produced through a dielectric process technology, whereby over 30 extremely thin layers make for extraordinary brilliance. In order for this brilliance to be preserved, it must be treated with special care. Exposure to calcareous water can diminish the brilliance of the Ultra FS.
It is therefore vital, that, while cleaning, any water residues should be prevented from forming on the mirrors surface. To this effect, the ClasenUNO, while undergoing cleaning and disinfection treatment, should be placed in such a way, that the mirror is in a vertical position while resting on its side, or, alternatively - pointing downwards, allowing any water particles to flow down. The water used in sterilizing or thermo-disinfecting equipment should, in accordance with the directions of use, be acid and lime free.

Is the suction performance of the ClasenUNO directly equal to that of a conventional dental sucction cannula? Generally yes. However it may occasionally be perceived as somewhat weaker. This may have various reasons. Firstly, its sound having been optimized, it is not as loud, which may give an impression of less suction power. Naturally, the suction performance of ClasenUNO depends primarily on the suction capacity of the suction machine employed.

Operating ClasenUNO under less than 300l/min may not be sufficient for it to reach its full potential. Also, simply cleaning the amalgam separator and the filter may be sufficient to bring the performance back to normal. Most of all: alternating between sucking and viewing is of primary importance. This is of course a matter of practice. A glance at the videos shows how it works. Handled properly, ClasenUNO is a full value high performance dental suction cannula, sound optimized and with an integrated reflux protection combined with a brilliant, fog-free mirror.

When water forms into pearls sticking to the mirror, each one acts as a lens to the detriment of clarity of sight. It is important to understand how this effect originates: it is not the ClasenUNO or its mirror, which are responsible, but the surface tension of water.

With respect to that, there are two essential things, which are to be considered: sliding the mirror over the inner side of the cheek and bringing it into contact with saliva creates a mix of water and saliva resulting in a drop of surface tension. The water-saliva liquid will then become a fluid film again instead of forming into pearls. If the problem persists however, it indicates, that the cause lies elsewhere: too much oil in the handpiece.

The handpiece are all too often excessively lubricated. Through high speed rotation fine oil particles mix with water and are propelled onto mirrors surface. In such a case, the oil particles not only disturb the clarity of sight, but also diminish the effectiveness of the adhesives, which are essential for dentists work. Therefore – it is vital, that the handpieces are lubricated moderately. Should a ClasenUNO ever become soiled with oil, it ought to be removed for servicing and substituted by a clean one.

  1. The ClasenUNO is employed by the practitioner, whereby he becomes an all-including performer: 
    Holding the ClasenUNO sucction-mirror unit in one hand, while operating any given dentists tool with the other. The ClasenUNO is connected to the suction tube, being necessarily moved continually along with it. This may turn out to be easy or difficult to a lesser or greater extent, depending on the type of the suction tube. Whatever the case may be – the ideal solution in this respect is rotateable and turnable suction tool holder (see complementary equipment).
  2. The ClasenUNO is conducive to improving the posture of the practitioner.
    While holding the ClasenUNO, both his arms are placed around the patient’s head.
    The position of the practitioner alters thus from the usual 9 o’clock to a 10-12 o’clock position, which makes it easier to work in a healthy sitting or standing position.
  3. The ClasenUNO makes active shifting between sucking and viewing necessary.
    Only by mastering this shifting is it possible to fully benefit from the aspirator-mirror fusion. Practicing it on all patients throughout the day will soon lead to mastering the skill.
  4. The ClasenUNO can be beneficially used for all types of treatment. It can be operated by the dentists assistant as a high volume suction cannula in the conservative way without the mirror function being utilized. Or it can be used by the dentist himself as a fusion instrument, while utilizing all the functional benefits it has to offer. It allows great flexibility in any given setup. It is always advantageous to have a ClasenUNO at hand. Therefore it is advisible to replace all the classic aspirators with ClasenUNO units. Indeed, faced with the ClasenUNO, conventional aspirators with no mirror really have no substantial merit to claim.

While a prophylactic treatment is being carried out, water particles mixed with bacteria form together a aerosol cloud, which hovers in the room for a long time. A substantial part of such a cloud can be prevented from forming while using the ClasenUNO, thanks to the fact, that the innovative device is operating its sucking function precisely there, where the particles are created by Air-Flow devices. ClasenUNOs ability to contain the aerosol cloud is especially pronounced in connection with tongue cleaning by Air-Flow.