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Fog-free vision and reliable suction in one hand, the tools for dental treatment in the other. Three functions in two hands. The ClasenUNO enables "autonomous treatment" for all kinds of dental interventions. The workflow has finally become a functional and motorised single entity. This results in greater flexibility, efficiency and ergonomics. And creates the necessary freedom for successful day-to-day work in the practice. For the dentist, assistant and patient.



Fascinating simplicity

The ClasenUNO replaces the classic suction cannula. And is at hand whenever needed. The practitioner decides based on the context and situation how to use the ClasenUNO. Whether used all the time or occasionally – flexibility is guaranteed. What's more, no technical conversions are necessary. Simply attach and away you go. The assistant also becomes more flexible and can work more professionally.


Striking effectiveness

One more instrument in your hand changes everything. Treatment can start straight away. Idle time is minimised and the duration of treatment reduced. Treatments can be performed more frequently without an assistant. The highly qualified team can use this new-found freedom or, alternatively, actively support the treatment. This ensures the more effective and professional deployment of personnel. Something which really pays off!


Tangible stress relief

Handling and posture are completely redefined. The practitioner's hands are positioned on either side of the patient's head which means his posture is always upright. The spine and muscles are thus protected. This equates to a shift away from the four-hand technique. Which, in turn, takes stress from the assistant team. Patients are positioned in a more upright position and confronted with fewer instruments, hands and personnel.


2x ClasenUNO

We use mirrors from HAHNENKRATT with a front surface coating on the glass surface. As such, there is only one reflection and a precise sharp image is guaranteed. They have a diameter of 19.2 mm (size 3).

Two versions are available:

1. FS RHODIUM (blue)
With a rhodium coating, a precious metal which is absolutely resistant to chemicals and acids. Brilliant natural colours and pleasant bright image quality.

2. ULTRA FS (violet)
Innovative mirroring technique without metal which offers exceptionally bright image quality with maximum reflection for first-class brightness and superior colour accuracy.




iF Design Award 2016 for the ClasenUNO

For more than 60 years, the iF Design Award has been recognised around the world as a trademark for design excellence. The iF label has established an international reputation as a symbol for outstanding services in the field of design. The iF Design Award is one of the most important design awards in the world and honours innovative products. More than 5,000 entrants from 53 countries applied for the esteemed seal of quality.

Our ClasenUNO won over the high-profile expert jury in the Medicine/Healthcare category. We and all those involved are extremely pleased with this award.